Use our frequently asked questions to help you find your way around the Australian Teacher Aide website and to learn more about our professional development for teacher aides, schools and training organisations.


How can I access a copy of my invoice?

To view or print a copy of your invoice, log into your ATA account, go to My Portal - My Account - Transactions

Logging In to ATA

I have forgotten my login details. How can I gain access to the member portal?

If you have forgotten your login details, or you are logging in for the first time, you will need to request a new password to gain access to your member portal. 

1.     Select Member Login (top right hand corner of page)

2.     Select Request a New Password

3.     When prompted, enter the email address you use currently to receive communication and notifications from ATA

4.     Check your inbox for an email from us.

5.     Use the link provided in the email to reset your password and gain access to your member portal, My Portal

If you don't get an email immediately, please check your junk folder as it may have landed there. If found in your junk folder, please mark the email as 'not junk'.

Membership - Schools and Training Organisations

I want to pay for our membership however I get an 'access denied' message when I select the payment link in the invoice.

You must be logged in to the ATA site to pay your organisation's membership. Only members with Business Administrator or Finance Administrator rights will be able to pay the invoice.

Membership - Teacher Aides

I have an individual membership and my organisation has now taken out a corporate membership. How do I transfer from my existing individual membership to the corporate membership?

Well done on successfully advocating for your TA team and their need for ongoing PD that is customised and relevant to the support role.

You will need to go to our Membership page and select Search for Your Business Here and request to be linked to your school or organisation. The administrator of the membership account, for example the TA Coordinator, will receive the request and has the permissions to approve it.

If you have a recurring payment set up in PayPal, make sure you cancel it immediately so that you are not charged again for individual membership. 


My Portal

I'm logged in; what do I do now?

Once you are logged in, go to My Portal.  Complete the tasks in the light grey shaded panel at the top right. The prompts will vary, depending on what you have already completed. It might say, Create Additional Personal Data or Select Interest Groups.

If you are covered under a corporate membership, you will need to request to be linked to your organisation so that you can enjoy full member access to all our resources and events. You can request to be linked to your organisation by navigating to the Membership page and selecting Search For Your Business.

Professional Development

Where do I find the professional development resources?

Our resources can be found by selecting the Professional Development tab on the Home Page. The professional development resource library includes all webinar recordings, and skills-based video programs. It is organised according to interest groups, and once you have selected your topic of interest, for example, Additional Needs, you can browse Upcoming Events, Latest News or Related Resources by selecting the relevant tab. If you know the name of the resource, you can also use the search function on the Home Page. 




How do I create a CPD Diary entry?

When you attend a live webinar event, a CPD diary entry will automatically be created for you. The entry will appear in My Portal – My Content – CPD Diary within a few days of attending the event.

When you participate in a professional development activity from the ATA member site, you will need to manually create a CPD diary entry to record proof of completion. Creating a CPD diary entry is a simple, quick process, as follows:

  1. Login to the ATA site
  2. Navigate to My PortalMy ContentCPD Diary
  3. Select Add CPD Diary Entry
  4. Enter the CPD Activity Name (the name of the PD activity)
  5. Allocate yourself one (1) CPD Point
  6. Enter a Description of the activity: e.g. Webinar
  7. Upload your completed worksheet or notes (required for verification purposes)
  8. Enter the Activity Completion Date
  9. Select Save

Where can I find my certificates?

Log into your ATA account and navigate to My Portal. Your membership certificate and event certificates are in My Content - Certificates. If you have requested a certificate after completing professional development from our Professional Development library, your certificate will be uploaded to your CPD Diary. Select the activity title to view or download your certificate. Remember to create your CPD Diary entry prior to requesting a certificate.

Webinar Events

How do I register for a live webinar event?

Webinar event registration is a quick 2-step process.  Both Step 1 and Step 2 must be completed to successfully join the live webinar.

Follow the steps below or view the video tutorial.

Step 1: Complete this step to achieve 1 CPD point and a Certificate of Completion when you attend our live webinar event.

1.     Select Member Login (top right hand corner) and log in to your account

2.     Select Events (from the green main menu at the top of the Home page)

3.     Choose the event you want to register for and double click on the title to bring up the registration process

4.     Select Register and follow the prompts

5.     Go to Cart (top menu) to 'check out' and 'place order' to finalise Step 1.

Step 2: Complete this step to receive your unique webinar ‘join’ link, required to join our live webinar event.

1.     Go to your inbox and open the email from ATA. (If you cannot find this email, please check your 'junk' mail)

2.     Click on the link in the email 

3.     Enter your name and email address when prompted

4.     Check your inbox for your webinar ‘join’ link

5.     Use this link to join our webinar on the relevant day. (We will usually send you a reminder email with this link, one day and one hour prior to the webinar).

All events that you register for will show in My Portal – My Content - Events.

Any associated event resources, such as worksheets, will be uploaded prior to the event to My Portal – My Content – Event Resources. We recommend you check your portal prior to attending each webinar for any associated resources.

We want to join a live webinar session from school. How do we do this?

Go To Webinar is used world-wide and is considered one of the best quality systems for hosting online events. We use Go to Webinar to run all live webinars. Your school may not have automatic access to this software application. To ensure you can attend our live webinars from school, check the approval process with your Principal or IT team, and allow sufficient time for the webinar application to made available on the school network.