Collaborating for student success involves the whole school and requires building the expertise of everyone. 

- Department of Education and Training, Victoria 2019 p.1

Effective Teacher Aide Practices for Schools (eTAPS) is a four-part professional learning program, exclusive to school members. eTAPS builds the expertise of support staff through evidence - based practices that lead to improved collaboration and positive student outcomes. 

eTAPS online resources are practical, easy to use, and come with a step-by-step Facilitator’s Guide as well as comprehensive workbooks for each module. All modules have closed captions.

Our team at Sacred Heart College learned how success criteria and learning intentions set the focus, and inform us of the expectation of the lesson. Knowing this is vitally important when entering a learning space. We also learned to use prior knowledge to grow learning in building blocks from there, and the need to share, communicate, feed back and review regularly with teaching staff. - Sally Dick, Director of Learning Support & Leonie Harvey, LSO, Sacred Heart College, Kyneton

The captions are very clear against the black background, and they match the lecturer's voice. The captions are situated low on the screen, so they do not block out any of the lesson material being shown. I found the lesson more accessible and less tiring as I did not have to concentrate so hard on the lecturer's voice. I also no longer had to pause and repeat parts of the lesson. - Raelene Kennedy, Tutor Support Officer, Haileybury

Watch a clip from each module to see how eTAPS can help your teams utilise the most effective support practices, and improve collaboration in the classroom.

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