eTAPS - Effective Teacher Aide Practices for Schools is a four-part professional development resource that provides school leaders with a set of practical and easy to use online resources to promote effective support practices that lead to positive student outcomes. 

This unique program responds directly to the results of extensive research from the UK and Australia on teacher aide practices that maximise student success. If you want to learn more about the research and evidence-based teaching and learning principles that underpin eTAPS, please view A Collaborative Framework for Student Success

Each module presents three key concepts and is followed by a collaboration activity called: Putting it into Practice, where teacher and teacher aide teams are encouraged to discuss what they have learned and collaborate to improve the outcomes for students.
The modules are self-paced, and can be completed in 1-2 hours, with additional time recommended for collaborating on the Putting into Practice activity.  

Module 1: How to Prepare for Student Learning
1.1: Prior knowledge
1.2: Learning intentions
1.3: Success criteria
1.4: Putting it into Practice

Module 2: How to Support Student Learning
2.1: From theory to practice - How students learn
2.2: Understanding the role of scaffolding
2.3: Strategies to scaffold student learning
2.4: Putting it into Practice 

Module 3: How to Give Feedback to Students
3.1: The role of feedback for learning
3.2: Effective feedback strategies
3.3: How to use feedback to promote a growth mindset in students 
3.4: Putting it into Practice 
Module 4: How to Give Feedback to Teachers - COMING SOON
4.1: The role of feedback and assessment
4.2: How to collect and record feedback 
4.3: How to use feedback to differentiate learning
4.4: Putting it into Practice

Links to the following support materials are located below the videos:
●    Workbook 
●    Slide presentation handout
●    Facilitator’s Guide
●    Certificate of Completion
●    Online feedback form

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