Have you read the report, Making Best Use of Teacher Assistants?

Have you read the Evidence for Learning Guidance Report, Making Best Use of Teacher Assistants?

It’s really detailed, so we thought we would summarise the key recommendations made, based on the latest research examining the use of TAs in classrooms. The recommendations are as follows:

  1. TAs should not be used as an informal teaching resource for students who are low attaining
  2. Use TAs to add value to what teachers do, not replace them
  3. Use TAs to help students develop independent learning skills and manage their own learning
  4. Ensure TAs are fully prepared for their role in the classroom
  5.  Use TAs to deliver high quality one‑to‑one and small group support using structured interventions
  6. Adopt evidence‑based interventions to support TAs in their small group and one‑to‑one instruction
  7. Ensure explicit connections are made between learning from everyday classroom teaching and structured interventions

Did you mentally score your school’s performance against these recommendations as you read each one? If so, how did it rate?

If you think you can improve in some of these areas, ATA’s online program Effective Teacher Aide Practices for Schools (eTAPS) is just the thing! Available exclusively to school members, eTAPS addresses many of the report’s recommendations; it promotes high-impact teaching and learning strategies, evidence based practices and improved collaboration in the classroom.

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