Mathematics: Helping Students Develop Mental Computation Strategies

In this webinar, we identify the sequence of learning mental computation strategies in primary school, and explore some practical activities and games that teacher aides can use to help students develop their mental computation skills in                                                                                      multiplication and division.

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Mathematics: Helping Students Develop Number Sense

This webinar will explore a range of practical strategies that teacher aides can use to support students in their early development of number sense.

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Using the Language of Mathematics with Confidence - Part 1

This program will help you develop more confidence when talking about math with teachers or students. We demystify the language of mathematics by looking at practical examples of key concepts and math vocabulary, and identify some strategies  and resources for use when unfamiliar math language is encountered.

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Using the Language of Mathematics with Confidence Part 2

In this webinar, we continue to explore the meaning of mathematics vocabulary; we will look at the distributive property and how students can use it to simplify multiplication. An understanding of this math property will enable you to confidently support                                                                              students with multiplication and help them to use more efficient problem solving strategies.                                                                                                                              Watch Preview >>