Patty Duque, a certified results coach, speaker and best-selling author, shares her top 5 secrets of how you can change your words to change your life and the life of those around you!

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What members learned from this webinar:

I absolutely loved this webinar! Patty was amazing, such a powerful and influential speaker! I learnt to change my negative self-talk which will follow on to my actions in the future. I will use these tips in the classroom with my students :) - Tayla, QLD

I work in a special school that specialises in children who struggle with mainstream school. Positive inner monologue and the positive post it notes will be amazing to share with staff and students. Thank you – Danni, VIC

The concise yet deep dive of Patty's information was just sensational. I will be applying this straight awayPip, QLD

To have faith in myself; the way I feel about myself will reflect on the children I work with – Rose, QLD