The purpose of this tutorial is to explore the life skills students need in a digital world to think flexibly, and manage their thoughts, actions and emotions. 

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • The importance of executive functioning 

  • How executive functioning impacts students at school

  • Strategies to help students develop executive functioning skills

  • Why executive functioning skills are necessary in a digital world 

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What members learned from this tutorial

Various strategies for working memory, flexible thinking and self-regulation e.g. flexible thinking scenarios; ask a friend to play with you at lunch and they say no - list two things you can say. Loved the ideas from other attendees too. - Laurie QLD

It’s important to teach children to look at problems from many angles and that if one thing doesn’t work then there is always another way to approach it. We are facilitators in their learning process. - Rita NSW

The clarity in breaking down executive function into the three categories Working Memory, Flexible Thinking and Self Regulation . Oh, and many more ideas on how to creatively use pegs! Thank you. :) - Diana VIC