Julia Bailey, principal at Rocklea State School, has a passion for supporting educators and parents of high-ability, underachieving and disengaged learners. In this preview, Julia unpacks Francoys Gagne’s model to share a deeper understanding of giftedness, and highlights the vital role educators play in knowing and noticing giftedness in students.

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What participants took away from this webinar:

I work in a setting where our students have missed huge amounts of learning, often due to home life, however it is still possible we may have a gifted learner
who has not been identified as other traits are making more "noise", so to speak - 

That many gifted and talented people have a disability and shouldn't be ignored in terms of assessing their gifted and talent. - Carol, QLD

Understanding many students who have certain characteristics that Julia described. This has opened the door for me to observe and understand these students.
I will be sharing this knowledge with my colleagues. Thank you. 
Georgia, NSW