Louise Griffiths, is a teacher at Mount Evelyn Christian School, who works in The Butterfly Centre, a specialised classroom for students who live with Autism Spectrum Disorder or who have survived trauma. In this preview Louise outlines the 8 strategies she uses to help children avoid and manage meltdowns.

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What participants took away from this webinar:

The 8 S's will help me when dealing with a student that is known to have meltdowns. - Debbie, NSW

Give the child space at the time of a meltdown. Following a meltdown reassure the child and leave discussing how things could be done to change the behaviour until a later time. Loved that it was so practical.Suzanne, VIC

Make more time to communicate with the classroom teacher to implement strategies. - Jacinta, QLD

As a classroom teacher who values her teacher aides, I will communicate what I have learnt and encourage them to access this information. - Kristine, VIC