Learn why praise and encouragement are different, how to use the language of acknowledgement to recognise and encourage appropriate behaviour, and explore practical strategies to encourage self-efficacy in students.

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What members have learned from this webinar

I recognise that my praise approach may have created a few 'too many' approval junkies in my time. A sensational webinar. Pip, Wellington Point State High School, QLD

How to use non-verbal encouragement and descriptive encouragement appropriately.  Encouragement influences how students attribute success and failure. Kerry, QLD

Using more non- verbal communication and building up my skills in self-efficacy.  Really thinking about what I am saying to my students rather than falling back onto praise words and phrases that I tend to overuse. Thankyou!! :) Tamsyn, Tasmania

Using the word ‘yet’ to promote students’ confidence. Heidi, NSW

Use encouragement and not praise Vicky, Trinity Lutheran College

Rewording encouragement so it’s student focused on their abilities rather than focused on my expected outcomes. Amanda, Mater Dei School, NSW