Autism Understanding

Autism Understanding Pty Ltd is a Clinical Psychology Practice specialising in supporting children, adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental delays. 

Andrell Education Big Write and VCOP

Andrell Education uses Big Write & VCOP, a fast, fun, oral-based program, to help schools engage students to write.

Cultural Inclusions

Cultural Inclusions is dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion through all facets of the early childhood sector.

The Parent Within

Helping parents reconnect with the loving, compassionate, nurturing, joyful parent within them so that they can have the family relationships they desire.

The Speech Tree

The Speech Tree is a paediatric and adolescent speech pathology practice, working with children who have complex needs and children who struggle to engage in learning.

Northern Centre For Child Development

Northern Centre For Child Development is a multidisciplinary practice that specialises in improving the quality of life for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other challenges.

Beth Berghan

Beth Berghan, a personal, business and executive coach, uses a solutions-focused approach to help people achieve professional and personal goals.

Digital Skills Depot

Digital Skills Depot provides support to individuals and business to improve their digital skill sets.

Noticing The Now

By building attention and awareness capabilities, Noticing The Now resource individuals, teams and leaders with fundamental skills to manage mental and physical energy, maintain focus and concentration, and improve workplace relationships and culture.

Pav Cosmatos

Pav Cosmatos is a counselor, trainer and behaviour management specialist.

Michelle Knights

Michelle Knights is a consultant and trainer in disability, specialising in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

FRIENDS Resilience