Standards for Paraprofessional Educators - A National Roadmap to Excellence

The publication of the Australian Standards for Paraprofessional Educators in Schools (ASPES) will mark a significant step forward in recognising and valuing the role of paraprofessional educators and provide schools with a roadmap to excellence. 

In a preview of the webinar: Unpacking the Career Stages and Expectations in the Australian Standards for Paraprofessional Educators, Leanne Hillman from Bolster Education, an esteemed member of the ASPES Industry Reference Group, shared her perspectives on how the Standards will benefit teachers and paraprofessional educators, (also known as teacher aides, teaching assistants, education aides, school learning support officers, and a range of other titles) to work together more effectively and support their professional growth. We have shared three of Leanne's key ideas on how professional standards will be of benefit:  

Defining the professional identity of paraprofessional educators 

The Standards empower paraprofessional educators to embrace their unique contributions to the classroom, and have their professional identity recognised within the school and wider community.

A Powerful Tool for Collaboration 

The Standards framework is modelled on the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and enables paraprofessional educators to engage in meaningful conversations with teachers, colleagues, and school leaders around what constitutes excellence, and develop a collective vision of professional growth.  

Intentional language 

From the outset, Australian Teacher Aide and the ASPES Industry Reference Group set out to ensure that the language used in the Standards was clear, explicit, and inclusive, with the intent of fostering understanding among all users, and create a shared language that can bridge gaps and facilitate effective communication. 

" The Australian Standards for Paraprofessional Educators in Schools (ASPES) is an exciting development and is evidence of the commitment by Australian Teacher Aide, and the ASPES Industry Reference Group, to support and empower paraprofessional educators. Collectively, we aspire for the Standards to create a national roadmap to excellence in education and contribute to a worldwide conversation on improving educational practices." said Leanne.

You can learn more about the Standards here.