How Schools are Building Stronger Teaching Teams

We recently had the privilege of attending the Australian Teacher Aide of the Year ceremony at Tallebudgera State School in Queensland, to present the amazing Team Tally teacher aides with their Australian Teacher Aide Team of the Year award. 

Principal Zoe Harlow leads a high functioning team, where the deployment, preparedness and practice of their teacher aides is part of a whole school collaborative approach, and the commitment to achieving the success of all students, is shared.

“I work with teachers every day. We talk before sessions to look at what the students’ needs are and then we touch base again after the session.” Daryl Simpson

Team Tally teacher aides are respected, valued and essential to achieving quality outcomes in an inclusive school environment. The highly-skilled team use evidence-based practices to support the achievement of improved student learning and wellbeing outcomes.

“Besides the smiles and endless cuddles, the best part of being a teacher aide at Team Tally is the tripod of support given to me for my role from the entire Team Tally.” Corinne Campbell

Team Tally Teacher Aides are reflective and skilled in their areas of student support, actively engaged in capability development, and exemplary in their approach to ongoing professional growth and development.  

“We are constantly growing and improving year on year. We are really blessed here at Tally, that we have access to constant professional development opportunities.” Lisa Klessens

Tallebudgera State School, and the many other amazing schools nominated in the Australian Teacher Aide of the Year awards, demonstrate a shared commitment to achieving success for their students. 

We identified 7 collaborative practices these schools have in common, and have put these together for you in a Guide to Building Stronger Teaching Teams.