How to avoid and manage meltdowns in students

3:30pm Tuesday, 8 June 2021
4:30pm Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Louise Griffiths, a teacher at Mount Evelyn Christian School, works in The Butterfly Centre, a specialised classroom for students who live with Autism Spectrum Disorder or who have survived trauma. In this webinar Louise will share her extensive experience working with children and young people who are prone to meltdowns, and how she coaches the education support team at her school to:
•    avoid or minimise the likelihood of meltdowns in students
•    minimise the risk of a student running or injuring themselves or others in the midst of a meltdown
•    support students to recover from the experience of a meltdown
•    reduce the likelihood of students experiencing another meltdown in the future.

Suitable for parents and educators working with students of any age.

Please note: This webinar will be presented at 3:30 pm AEST. Check the start time for your location, to avoid disappointment.


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