3 Ways to Build the Capability of Teaching Assistants and How Schools Benefit

3:30pm Tuesday, 9 April 2024
4:30pm Tuesday, 9 April 2024

The recording of this webinar is available in the Professional Development library, under School Performance and Development.

Monaro High School has developed a framework to build the capacity of their SLSO team, which includes formalised inductions for new staff, education, collaboration and ongoing support. During this webinar, Rachel Hawkins (SLSO) and Nathan Schubert (Head Teacher of Supported Education) will use the experience and feedback of SLSOs at Monaro High School over the past 2 years to explore: where the school was at, what changes were made, the impact of the changes and where they are heading in the future. Join us to learn about this proactive and positive model for upskilling and supporting the professional growth of SLSOs.


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