Australian Teacher Aide Appreciation Week is the perfect time to celebrate the wonderful work teacher aides do in schools. Whether it’s a a thank-you note, a small gift or a morning tea, the week-long celebration gives schools plenty of time to acknowledge, appreciate and recognise the positive impact teacher aides have on the lives of students, teachers and families.

The team at Australian Teacher Aide has put together some great Appreciation Week resources (see below) to support you in your celebrations throughout the week. Here are some ideas for celebrating:

  • Create certificates of appreciation and award them to your teacher aides at school assembly
  • Feature teacher aide success stories in your school newsletter
  • Display a photo collage of your teacher aide team and add a space for 'thank you' notes
  • Invite your teacher aides to a special morning tea, lunch or after school party
  • Write a note of appreciation to your teacher aides; invite students to do this too!

Make sure you use our Appreciation Week Poster to promote the event to your colleagues in the weeks prior.


This year, we are doing something super special! For the first time ever, we are opening our Professional Development library to all teacher aides during Appreciation Week. If you would like to enjoy unlimited professional learning for one whole week, simply create a free subscriber account (if you don’t already have one!) and you will be able to access a new set of resources each day from Monday 29 August to Friday 2 September. 

This year, Australian Teacher Aide has partnered with our friends over at Twinkl. As a huge thank you to Teacher Aides for the dedication and the wonderful work they do, Twinkl is running a special offer during Australian Teacher Aide Appreciation Week by making all Twinkl content FREE on Friday 2nd September. All you have to do is make sure you have a Twinkl membership (it’s free to sign up to) and your account profile (career) is set to ‘Teacher Aide’. To sign up, simply head over to Twinkl, and off you go.

Make the week of celebrations even more fun, and enter your school in our competition to win a morning tea to the value of $100. Inspire us with photos or a short video about your teacher aides. Here are some ideas:

  • Showcase your teacher aides at work 
  • Share your Appreciation Week celebrations
  • Tell us why you love your teacher aides, or why YOU love being a teacher aide

You don’t need any fancy equipment; smart phone photos and/or video footage is perfectly fine. 

Send your photos or short video to Remember to include your name, contact number and school name.

All entries must be received by Friday 9th September 2022, and must be pre-approved by school leaders for use on our website, newsletter and social media platforms. Winners (3) will be announced on Thursday 15th September 2022.

Time to brush up on your photography and video skills and start doing what educators do so well - CREATING!